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We support our large and diverse client base with a panoply of services: mergers & acquisitions, contract disputes, litigation, arbitration and mediation, FAA certificate application, transfer and enforcement, and related matters.

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Ownership and Operating Platform Optimization

Safely and efficiently owning and operating a business aircraft calls for highly nuanced analysis of Federal Aviation Regulations, income, sales, property and excise tax matters, ...
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Transaction Origination and Management

To stake out and protect negotiating positions, best practice is to engage aviation counsel before any documents are signed. Whenever in the process we are ...
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Aircraft Product and Service Selection

Investing in, owning and operating an aircraft carries serious financial implications. We assist buyers and brokers with flight mission analysis, investment analysis, product comparison, market ...
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With over 30 years of specialized experience in the business aviation field, Rex Reese has represented Fortune 100 companies, families, executives, and individuals in connection with over 2,000 business aircraft acquisitions. A graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, Rex has been published in numerous aviation, business and financing periodicals, and has been a featured speaker at many international, national, regional and private aviation conferences and seminars.

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